Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King is the seventh studio album by Dave Matthews Band, which is scheduled to be released by RCA Records on June 2, 2009.[1]

It will be the first studio album released by the band since the passing of saxophonist LeRoi Moore. It will also be their first studio album released since the 2005 debut of Stand Up. Guitarist and long time friend Tim Reynolds will play on the album, marking his first recording with DMB since 1998’s Before These Crowded Streets. Rashawn Ross will make his first appearance on a DMB studio album since joining as a regular touring member in 2006 as will Jeff Coffin, who has taken Moore's role since June 2008. The album is being produced by Rob Cavallo (Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Alanis Morissette)[2][3].

The word "Groogrux" is a nickname for Moore[4].

Recording the Album Edit

Work on the album began in February 2008 at Studio Litho in Seattle, Washington, and continued from October to December 2008 at Studio X in Seattle[5]. In January 2009 the band began work at Piety Street Studio in New Orleans, Louisiana[6][7].

The album was originally slated to be released on April 14, 2009[8], but it was moved to June 2. The title of the album was announced on February 26, 2009[9].

Track listingEdit

  1. "Grux"
  2. "Shake Me Like A Monkey"
  3. "Funny The Way It Is"
  4. "Lying In The Hands of God"
  5. "Why I Am"
  6. "Dive In"
  7. "Spaceman"
  8. "Squirm"
  9. "Alligator Pie (Cockadile)"
  10. "Seven"
  11. "Time Bomb"
  12. "My Baby Blue"
  13. "You And Me"

Personnel Edit

Additional personnel Edit

Production Edit

  • Producer — Rob Cavallo
  • Engineer — Doug McKean
  • Video — Joe Lawlor
  • Guitar Tech — Craig Baker
  • Drum Techs — Henry Luniewski, Jerry Johnson
  • Bass and Violin Tech — Erik Porter

Notes Edit

  1. Moore passed away during pre-production of the album

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